Table 3

Crude rates of secondary use (number of events per person per year)

Residential care homesNursing homes
PrincipiaMatched controlsPrincipiaMatched controls
Outcomes over the follow-up periodEventsCrude rate*EventsCrude rate*EventsCrude rate*EventsCrude rate*
Total number of residencies203203365365
Total number of unique residents203166365263
Person-years of follow-up145.3139.3182.1189.6
Potentially avoidable emergency admissions290.20560.40440.24380.20
Emergency admissions860.591290.931240.681000.53
A&E attendances1190.821851.331240.681310.69
Hospital bed days†5.5 (15.6)0.035 (0.115)5.9 (12.4)0.039 (0.107)3.5 (8.9)0.031 (0.094)3.5 (10.1)0.034 (0.120)
Outpatient attendances3032.092041.463501.923942.08
Deaths out of hospital (% of all deaths)4074.1%3869.1%12784.1%13888.5%
Deaths (% of all records)5426.6%5527.1%15141.4%15642.7%
  • *Number of events per person per year.

  • †Hospital bed days are presented as mean (SD) of the absolute number of bed days (in ‘events’ column) and of hospital bed days as a proportion of the length of stay in the care home (in the ‘crude rate’ column).

  • A&E, Accident & Emergency.