Table 3

Patient-reported function and experiences while PICC was in place

n (%)
Restrictions in activities of daily living related to having the catheter65/250 (26.0)
Restrictions in social activities related to having the catheter36/250 (14.4)
Difficulty flushing, accessing or otherwise operating the PICC48/250 (19.2)
Example comments:
 'It’s just annoying that it’s there, I have to be careful when taking showers and doing other activities. It hurts from time to time.’
 'When he showers, there's no simple easy way to seal the PICC line up - doesn't understand how we can send people to the moon, but can't invent a sleeve to keep arm dry.’
 'PICC is placed in right arm above elbow, gets in the way of her doing things.’
 'PICC allowing fluid to go in, but won't draw back or allow blood to come out, so any blood draws can't use PICC line, have to use other needle.’
 'It seems to be functioning well, I have not had any problems. It’s great to have it in.’
 'It’s convenient, better than getting poked all the time.’
  • PICC, peripherally inserted central catheter.