Table 2

Baseline care home characteristics after matching (figures show per cent of care homes unless otherwise specified)

Residential care homesNursing homes
PrincipiaMatched controlsPrincipiaMatched controls
Number of residents (residencies)203203365365
Number of care homes13471027
Number of beds per care home, mean (SD)38.25 (20.03)38.89 (17.54)52.05 (16.81)54.51 (25.49)
Care home registered as caring for older people only100.0%100.0%78.4%78.4%
Rural setting56.2%52.7%55.3%39.5%
Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) quintile
 1 (most deprived)N/A0%–5%N/A0%–5%
 5 (least deprived)65%–70%50%–55%40%–45%40%–45%
Care home location (local authority)
 Test ValleyN/A8.4%N/A37.3%
 South CambridgeshireN/A22.2%N/A27.1%
  • All percentages are based on number of residents (residencies). For IMD quintiles, ranges are provided to ensure that the percentages are not disclosive. See online supplementary file 3 for an assessment of the balance between Principia and the matched control groups.

  • *Includes Rushcliffe and one care home in a neighbouring area receiving Principia enhanced support.

  • N/A, not applicable.