Table 1

How positive deviants succeed and the extent to which these characteristics were displayed across wards

Positively deviant characteristicsTheme within thematic frameworkSpread of positively deviant characteristics across wards
Positively deviant wardsComparison wards
Knowing each other Staff relationships
TrustStaff relationships
A multidisciplinary approach Integrated teams
Integrating ward - based AHPs Integrated teams
Working together Integrated teams
Feeling able to ask questions or for help Approachability
Setting expectationsWard leadership
It is a pleasure to come to workWard atmosphere
Learning from incidentsImproving performance
Acquiring additional staffStaffing
Stable and static teamsStaffing
Focus on dischargeDelivering care
Directorate supportOrganisational influences
Keeping patients and relatives informedPatient-centred care
  • Characteristics highlighted in italic are discussed in more depth in this paper.

  • Ward pseudonyms are constructed using T (number)=the NHS Trust identifier and W (number)=the ward identifier.

  • AHPs, allied health professionals.