Table 1

Select hospital characteristics (n=528)

CharacteristicMean or % (95% CI)
Total number of adult acute care beds (including intensive care unit beds)192.91 (176.42 to 209.40)
Total number of adult intensive care unit beds20.98 (18.70 to 23.26)
Approximately what percentage of your rooms are
Private (one patient)75.66 (72.86 to 78.45)
Semiprivate (two or more patients)24.58 (21.76 to 27.39)
Hospital affiliated with a medical school26.23 (22.35 to 30.10)
Involved in collaborative effort to reduce healthcare-associated infections79.08 (75.54 to 82.62)
Very good/excellent overall support of infection prevention and control programme from hospital leadership53.13 (48.84 to 57.41)
Presence of a hospital epidemiologist41.31 (37.05 to 45.56)
Lead infection preventionist certified in infection prevention and control61.98 (57.83 to 66.12)