Table 3

Specific areas of CPV change

CPV results
BaselineEnd of studyP value
 Primary diagnosis, %63.682.70.004
 3-hour bundle, %
  Serum lactate45.580.80.006
  Blood culture75.892.30.089
  Fluid resuscitation100.0100.01.000
  Antibiotics (any)100.0100.01.000
 Correct level of admission72.773.10.606
 Adherence to Princeton HCAP antibiotics
  Regimen, %31.366.70.053
 Primary diagnosis56.178.80.001
 Respiratory failure16.762.50.001
 Correct level of admission39.465.40.042
 COPD follow-up, %
  Smoking cessation92.993.30.741
  Pulmonary rehabilitation56.775.00.132
  PCP follow-up in 2 weeks42.492.3<0.001
  Home action plan27.392.3<0.001
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CPV, Clinical Performance and Value; HCAP, Healthcare-associated pneumonia; PCP, Primary Care Provider.