Table 1

Measurements and tools used according to data collection periods

Data collection periodOutcomeMeasurement
  • Activation

  • Patient Activation Measure (PAM)38

  • Baseline characteristics

  • Age, sex, cultural background, employment status

  • Patient perceived barriers to management of pain

  • Pain Barriers Questionnaire40

Day 3 after surgery
  • Pain intensity

  • Numerical Rating Scale 0–10 where 0 is no pain and 3 is worse possible pain33

  • Pain quality

  • American Pain Society Outcome Questionnaire—Revised version34

  • Pain treatment—analgesic management

  • Medical record audit of fixed and PRN analgesics prescribed and administered in 24 hours prior to pain intensity measurement

  • Activation

  • PAM38

4 weeks after discharge
  • Activation

  • PAM38

  • Pain and function of knee after surgery

  • Oxford Knee Score Questionnaire55

  • Overall satisfaction with care

  • Global satisfaction questions

  • Net Promoter Score37

  • Postoperative complications

  • Incidence of DVT

  • Readmission to study hospital

  • DVT, deep vein thrombosis; PRN, pro re nata.