Table 4

(a) Order set items with the highest additional a la carte ordering rates, excluding uncommon order sets used fewer than 100 times (these are items that clinicians frequently needed at the time of order set use, but were not included in the order set build), and (b) order set items with the highest a la carte to order set ordering ratios, excluding order sets used fewer than 100 times (these are items included in order sets, but were frequently skipped over by clinicians and instead more likely to instead be ordered a la carte right after order set use)

(a) Additional a la carte items
Order set Additional a la carte item A la carte order count A la carte ordering rate (%)
Kidney/pancreas transplant rejectionDiphenhydramine PO3528
PneumoniaCBC without differential4926
PneumoniaBasic metabolic panel4423
Hospice admissionMetoclopramide IV2422
ICU VAD post opLactate (whole blood)35022
Lumbar punctureCytology4121
PneumoniaOndansetron IV3820
COPDOndansetron IV4320
Nephrectomy post opIonised calcium5717
(b) Order set items commonly ordered a la carte
Order set Order set item A la carte ordering rate (%) Order set ordering rate (%) A la carte/order set ordering rate ratio
Joint replacementHydromorphone IV60.0061040
Interventional radiology post opGlucose by metre310.04827
Tube feedingGlucose by metre650.3250
Medicine admitCiprofloxacin IV0.30.001242
Neurosurgery admitSpine X-ray20.009232
Electrolyte replacementMagnesium IV10.007194
PACUHydromorphone IV0.60.003202
Neurosurgery admitDiphenhydramine PO20.01194
Gynaecology post opLactated Ringer’s IV bolus170.1171
Medicine admitLevofloxacin PO0.20.006140
  • Only items with significant ordering ratios at a Bonferroni-corrected threshold of p<2.5×10−5 are included.

  • CBC, complete blood count; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ICU, intensive care unit; IV, intravenous; PACU, post anaesthesia care unit; PO, by mouth; VAD, ventricular assist device.