Table 1

Hospital characteristics by workload and availability of resources to provide care (structure index)

HospitalSectorCotsAnnual newborn admissionsAnnual total deliveriesStructure index (score 0–100)*Mortality by sector†
Hospital 1Mission814386620915.9
Hospital 2Mission151601305875.9
Hospital 3Private3018162273927.3
Hospital 4Private251231398917.3
Hospital 5Public21100654578116.5
Hospital 6Public1529961809016.5
  • *Structure index comprised items from the following domains: infrastructure, laboratory services, hygiene equipment, safe delivery equipment and drugs for mothers, resuscitation equipment for newborns in the delivery ward, essential equipment in the newborn unit, intravenous fluids and feeds in the newborn unit and essential drugs in the newborn unit.24

  • †Crude inpatient neonatal mortality data estimates are based on study where 21% of the outcome data were missing and are therefore likely to be biased.41