Table 3

Multivariate comparison of hospital CPOE safety performance

CoefficientP value95% CI
Test experience
 Years of test experience1.93<0.0011.47 to 2.39
Joint Commission accreditation
 Not accredited by Joint CommissionReference
 Accredited by Joint Commission−2.500.01−4.29 to −0.71
 Small hospitals (<100 beds)Reference
 Medium hospitals (100–399 beds)−1.030.24−2.75 to 0.69
 Large hospitals (400+ beds)−0.880.47−3.23 to 1.48
Health system membership
 Not a member of a healthcare systemReference
 Member of a healthcare system−0.030.97−1.62 to 1.57
Teaching status
 Non-teaching hospital
 Teaching hospital−0.090.89−1.38 to 1.20
 Private, non-profit hospitalReference
 Private, for-profit hospital1.030.29−0.86 to 2.93
 Public, non-federal hospital1.610.18−0.72 to 3.93
 Located in a rural area
 Located in an urban area−1.150.11−2.58 to 0.27
 Located in the North-EastReference
 Located in the West−1.810.12−4.12 to 0.49
 Located in the Midwest−3.57<0.001−5.85 to −1.28
 Located in the South−4.93<0.001−7.10 to −2.76
Year of test
 20100.590.66−2.00 to 3.17
 2011−0.180.91−3.18 to 2.82
 20121.530.32−1.46 to 4.51
 20132.670.08−0.31 to 5.65
 20142.720.09−0.41 to 5.84
 20152.730.11−0.60 to 6.06
 20163.040.09−0.52 to 6.61
Constant53.570.0049.73 to 57.41
  • n=1527 hospitals in an unbalanced panel from 2009 to 2016. Total of 5107 hospital-year observations. Regression is an ordinary least squares model and includes hospital random intercepts. Robust SEs clustered at the hospital level.

  • CPOE, computerised provider order entry.