Table 1

Outcomes of completed pregnancies receiving obstetric care navigator (OCN) accompaniment during improvement intervention compared with those who did not receive services

CharacteristicOCN accompanimentNo OCN accompanimentP value
nValue (%)nValue (%)
Referral during pregnancy276/27610073/504*14.5 < 0.001
 >1 referral 77/27627.9
 Emergency referral231/27683.7
Home delivery‡73/27626.5426/50684.2 < 0.001
Caesarean delivery‡97/27632.630/5066.0 < 0.001
Stillbirth§ 4/2761.50/5710 0.007
Neonatal death§ 6/2762.213/5712.80.732
Maternal death§ 0/27600/5710
Uterine rupture‡1/2760.40/50600.175
Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy‡23/2768.313/5062.6 < 0.001
  • Italics signify statistical signifiance at p <0.05.

  • *Data missing for two patients.

  • †Excludes nulliparous women.

  • ‡These outcomes were collected in postnatal interviews which were conducted with 782 mothers in the traditional birth attendant (TBA) cohort, or 506 of those who did not receive obstetric care navigator (OCN) support.

  • §These clinical outcomes represent the entire TBA cohort (n=847) as they were reported by TBAs on a deidentified basis and thus did not require postnatal interview or patient consent.