Table 3

Correlations between unofficial Facebook ratings and adjusted patient experience indicators, without statistical outliers and hospitals with five or fewer ratings‡

All except statistical outliers (n=35)*P valueAll except hospitals with fewer than six ratings (n=33)†P valueAll unofficial hospital ratings (n=38)P value
Composite score patient experiences0.490.0010.59<0.0010.360.025
Nursing services0.490.0010.61<0.0010.350.031
Doctor services0.390.010.480.0050.290.079
Contact with next-of-kin0.56<0.0010.560.0010.420.009
Discharge information0.420.0060.510.0020.280.093
Cooperation with other health services0.410.0080.460.0080.360.026
  • *Three hospitals were statistical outliers, all of them with unofficial Facebook pages and one from each hospital size category.

  • †Five hospitals had fewer than six ratings, all of them with unofficial Facebook pages, and with two small-sized and three medium-sized hospitals.

  • ‡Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients.