Table 4

Sample AEs by harm type, level 1 classification and severity

AE typeLevel 1 classificationSeverityCase summary
Preventable AEClinical process/procedureTransient disabilityPatient with history of intravenous drug use admitted for right groin swelling. Patient experienced delays in definitive management of an abscess as a result of poor coordination of care including imaging and surgical care.
Non-preventable AEClinical process/procedureSymptomsElderly patient with multiple comorbidities admitted for pneumonia. Patient developed hypotension because of hypovolemia secondary to ongoing diuretic use in the setting of diarrhoea.
Preventable AEHealthcare-associated infectionDeathFrail elderly patient admitted for congestive heart failure. Patient died in hospital due to complications of Costridium difficile colitis.
Potential AEMedication/intravenous fluid/biologicalNilElderly patient did not receive medications in hospital as a result of delay in sending medications from the hospital pharmacy.
  • AE, adverse event.