Table 3

Attributed variation within multilevel models of practices nested within CCGs

Outcome variable
CovariatesR2 ICCAIC
Multilevel linear regression
 Standardised 2WWRRNone0.20900.2090.20958 954
Multilevel Poisson regression (primary analysis)
 Detection rateNone0.43500.4350.42146 077
 Detection ratea0.4770.1400.3380.37945 276
 Detection ratea+b0.4920.1780.3140.36944 848
Multilevel poisson regression (secondary analysis)
 Detection ratec0.4960.1220.3750.41345 437
 Detection ratec+d0.4920.1290.360.40345 277
 Detection ratec+d+e+f0.4770.1540.3230.36844 972
  • Covariates: a=standardised 2WWRR; b=(standardised 2WWRR) 2; c=specificity; d=(specificity) 2 ;e=proportion patients aged 65+ years and index of multiple deprivation.

  • AIC, Aikake information criterion; CCG, Clinical Commissioning Group; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; 2WWRR, 2-week wait referral rate.