Table 4

Attributed variation within multilevel models of practices nested within CCGs within Acute Hospital Trusts

Outcome variableCovariatesTotal R2 Intraclass correlation coefficientAIC
TotalCCGAcute% Acute
Multilevel linear regression
 Standardised 2WWRRNone0.2120.2090.0810.1316331 993
Multilevel Poisson regression (primary analysis)
 Detection rateNone0.4050.3910.1350.2566624 780
 Detection ratea0.4600.3460.1110.2356824 181
 Detection ratea+b0.4740.3350.1040.2316924 082
Multilevel Poisson regression (secondary analysis)
 Detection ratec0.4790.3800.1190.2616924 414
 Detection ratec+d0.4730.3690.1150.2536924 327
 Detection ratec+d+e+f0.4580.3370.0950.2437224 177
  • Covariates: a=standardised 2WWRR; b=(standardised 2WWRR) 2; c=specificity; d=(specificity) 2 ;e=proportion patients aged 65+ years and index of multiple deprivation.

  • AIC, Aikake information criterion; CCG, Clinical Commissioning Group; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; 2WWRR, two week wait referral rate.