Table 1

Classifications and date each PPI medicine was made available as an over-the-counter medicine

PPI medicineATC codeHigh strengthStandard strengthLow strengthDate medicine became available over the counter
OmeprazoleA02BC0120 mg*10 mgJune 2016
PantoprazoleA02BC0240 mg20 mg*June 2015
LansoprazoleA02BC0330 mg15 mg*June 2016
RabeprazoleA02BC0420 mg10 mg*June 2016
EsomeprazoleA02BC0540 mg20 mg*February 2016
  • *The strength of PPI medicine rescheduled to over-the-counter medicine (Therapeutic Goods Administration et al.)57

  • ATC, Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical; PPI, proton pump inhibitor.