Table 1

Hospital and ICU characteristics

Hospital characteristics,* ICUs, n (% of 274 units)
Teaching hospital194 (70.8)
 Major teaching hospital64 (23.4)
Urban hospital246 (89.8)
 Non-profit, non-government150 (54.7)
 For profit47 (17.2)
 Government77 (28.1)
ICU characteristics
ICU size in mean number of beds ±SD16.7±12.4
ICU type, units, n (% of 279 participating units)
 Medical/surgical213 (77.7)
 Cardiology and/or cardiothoracic33 (12.0)
 Trauma/burn16 (5.8)
 Neurology and/or neurosurgery12 (4.4)
Programme focus, as identified by ICU, n (% of 274)
 Focused on CAUTI and CLABSI185 (67.5)
 Focused on CLABSI202 (73.7)
 Focused on CLABSI only17 (6.2)
 Focused on CAUTI207 (75.5)
 Focused on CAUTI only22 (8.0)
 Programme focus not specified50 (18.2)
  • *Hospital characteristics are as defined in the AHA Annual Survey.

  • †Excluded units from analysis: one unit that reported only CAUTI data, two units that could not be linked with available AHA survey data, two units that were missing data on bed size and one unit that was missing ICU type data.

  • AHA, American Hospital Association; CAUTI, catheter-associated urinary tract infection; CLABSI, central line-associated bloodstream infection; ICU, intensive care unit.