Table 1

Invitation procedures in the Scottish cancer screening programmes

Screening programme
Breast screening by mammographyCervical screening by smear testCRC screening by faecal occult blood test
PrenotificationNoneNone2 weeks prior to invitation*
Invitation (mailed)Within 3 years after 50th birthday
Until 70th birthday
After 70th birthday on request
Before June 2016:
After 20th birthday
Until 60th birthday
From June 2016:
After 25th birthday
Until 65th birthday
From 50th birthday
Until 75th birthday
After 75th birthday on request
Reminder (mailed)Reminder at 3 days following non-attendanceReminders at 3 months and at 6 months after the invitationReminder at 6 weeks after the invitation
Screening intervalEvery 3 yearsAged 25–49: every 3 years
Aged 50–64: every 5 years
Every 2 years
  • * Prenotification letters for CRC screening ceased in February 2015.

  • CRC, colorectal cancer.