Table 3

Adherence to bundles of related indicators by healthcare setting

Bundle descriptionIncluded indicatorsHealthcare
Children, nVisits, nIndicators assessed, nProportion adherent
% (95% CI)
A History: Children who presented with acute abdominal pain had appropriate history and associated features documented.01–03,
GP244286143012.6 (4.8 to 25.1)
ED256325162567.9 (57.1 to 77.5)
Inpatient717939573.3 (57.4 to 85.8)
All settings511690345029.4 (19.3 to 41.3)
B Examination: Children who presented with acute abdominal pain had appropriate assessment.07–11GP24028014002.3 (0.5 to 6.8)
ED247314157027.9 (20.3 to 36.5)
Inpatient697537535.7 (17.5 to 57.6)
All settings498669334510.2 (7.7 to 13.1)
C Imaging: Children who presented with non-traumatic acute abdominal pain, or without documented prespecified justification†, did not receive an abdominal X-ray or CT scan.13–15GP23827482289.0 (68.6 to 98.2)
ED22027482297.7 (95.2 to 99.1)
Inpatient515616899.4 (92.6 to 100)
All settings464604181291.4 (76.9 to 98.2)
  • *The indicators in each bundle were equally weighted. For the bundle to be scored ‘yes adherent’ all individual indicators in that bundle had to be adherent.

  • †The three prespecified justifications were for children who: (1) required exclusion of a differential diagnosis of acute obstruction or perforation; (2) had bile (yellow or green) stained vomit; or (3) had suspected ingestion of radiopaque foreign objects.

  • ED, emergency department;GP, general practice.