Table 1

Cost per patient admitted to ward, calculation

Establishment nursingCost of full-time nursing staff employed directly by the facility
Bank nursingCost of nurses brought in at discretion of charge nurse to fill near-term staffing needs; employed by board
Drug costsCost of all drugs used on the ward, minus drugs used in respiratory outpatient clinic
Direct clinical care supply costsCost of items such as drains, intravenous tubes
Other pay costsCost of non-nursing ancillary staff such as housekeeper
Other non-pay costsCost of other items not related to direct patient care, such as training courses
IncomeRevenue received by the unit by providing out-of-area service (eg, patients from other boards)
Cost per patient seen (referred to in text as cost per patient admitted to the ward)For a given week of data, the sum of the other cost line items divided by the total number of patients admitted to the ward