Table 2

Examples of tests (PDSAs)

Box score domainTestDescription
PerformanceDelirium managementIntroduction of a delirium identification bundle
PerformanceFalls preventionIncreased supervision of patients during hours with disproportionate numbers of patient falls
PerformanceReadmissions preventionIntroduction of telephonic social work follow-up for patients with at least one recent readmission
PerformanceMidday huddleIntroduction of a midday team huddle to ensure all orders ‘on track’ to facilitate earlier discharge in the day
CapacitySubstituting tasks from day shift to night shiftReallocation of paperwork activities to night shift in order to increase time spent during the day on patient education
CapacityRedelegating indirect care to lower band nursesDeploying lower band nurses to complete paperwork related to safety bundles to free higher band nurses for patient-facing activities
FinanceReplacing bank nurses with full-time nurses during unsocial hoursThe senior charge nurse changed the rota to avoid scheduling bank nurses during unsocial hours (especially weekends)
FinanceReducing drug wasteTracking all drug orders on the drug supply cart to avoid duplicate orders
FinanceSwitching to lower cost inhalerPreferential use of lower cost inhaler in the inpatient service with equal outcomes, including patient education for effective use
FinanceReducing wasted spend on toiletriesReplacing select items with lower cost alternatives
  • PDSA, Plan-Do-Study-Act.