Table 1

Eligibility criteria for inclusion of academic articles in the review

PICOSEligibility criteria
PopulationAny naturally occurring hospital-based healthcare teams, where a team is defined as ‘two or more healthcare professionals linked in a common purpose’.
Teams must be interdisciplinary.
Any study including healthcare teams working outside of a hospital were excluded.
InterventionAny studies using reflexivity, including (but not limited to) video reflexivity and video-reflexive ethnography. Reflexivity is defined as ‘a tool that allows broader attention to routine working practices, providing renewed awareness and facilitated or prompted discussion of taken-as-given processes and interactions’. Reflexivity is not a linear or rigid framework or method, but a more creative and flexible approach to understanding and reshaping practice through space for collective discussion.
ComparisonNot relevant.
OutcomesAny measure or discussion of change in knowledge, attitudes, feelings/emotions and behaviours.
Any measure or discussion of impact on teamwork, interprofessional communication and collective values.
Any measure of improvement in efficiency of working practice, quality of care or patient safety.
Any measure of outcomes associated with the success of healthcare delivery within a hospital.
Any evaluation or discussion of the quality of reflexivity as an intervention.
Study designAny peer-reviewed, academic articles using any empirical study design were included.
Qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods studies were included.