Table 2

Facilities used for surgery

(n (%))
Main theatre
 No4 (5)
 Yes and not used pre-COVID6 (8)
 Yes and used pre-COVID64 (87)
Minor ops theatre
 No54 (73)
 Yes and not used pre-COVID7 (9)
 Yes and used pre-COVID13 (18)
Clinic procedure room
 No43 (58)
 Yes and not used pre-COVID15 (20)
 Yes and used pre-COVID16 (22)
Procedure room in Emergency Department
 No51 (69)
 Yes and not used pre-COVID8 (11)
 Yes and used pre-COVID15 (20)
Theatre in private hospital
 No55 (74)
 Yes and not used pre-COVID16 (22)
 Yes and used pre-COVID3 (4)