Table 1

Baseline characteristics for all patients and differences between patients with and without a substantially delayed DNT indicated by the 90th percentile

Total no of patients
Patients with DNT
≤90th percentile
Patients with DNT
>90th percentile
P value
Mean age in years (SD)71 (13)71 (13)71 (14)0.46
Female sex (%)4646490.19
Median NIHSS* score (IQR)5 (3–9)5 (3–10)4 (2–8)<0.001
Unknown NIHSS score (%)3535400.01
Admission during off-hours (%)4949480.46
Admission at a comprehensive stroke centre (%)4141430.30
  • P value represents statistical difference between dichotomised groups.

  • *NIHSS score.

  • DNT, door-to-needle time; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.