Table 2

Errors observed during simulation study, categorised by potential severity and error type

Error code*Error typeCurrent guidelines (control)
(n=133 simulations)
User-tested guidelines
(n=140 simulations)
Number of IMG-related errors
I1Wrong reconstituting fluid00000000
I2Wrong reconstituting fluid volume10010000
I3Dose discrepancy131602946010
I4Wrong diluent00000101
I5Wrong diluent volume06060000
I6Incorrect technique (IMG related)155056658064
I7Wrong route00000000
I8Flush error012012012012
I9Rate discrepancy1030040112013
I10Infusion expiry error00000000
I11Other IMG-related error†2345321214
Total IMG-related errors48123517612911104
Number of non-IMG-related errors
N1Wrong medication05050606
N2Incorrect technique (non-IMG related)643409869520121
N3Non-aseptic technique26419404582892200509
N4Expired ingredient05050202
N5Other non-IMG-related error10001091010
Total non-IMG-related errors33823805763672810648
  • *Error codes cross-reference to the observation recording forms shown in online supplementary file 2 and online supplementary file 3, table 4.

  • †Other IMG-related errors consisted of participants who were not confident to finish the simulation without assistance from a colleague and composite errors where a participant gave the dose as a short injection, so it was both undiluted and administered too quickly.

  • IMG, Injectable Medicines Guide.