Table 1

Potential workflow changes considering the costs of contact in the pre-COVID and COVID/post-COVID eras

Medical conditionMedical encounters typically associated with the medical condition
Elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy Preoperative consult with surgeon/anaesthesia Preoperative ECG Preoperative laboratory Surgery Postoperative follow-up with surgeon
Pre-COVIDIn personIn personIn personIn personIn person
COVID/post-COVIDVirtualUnnecessaryUnnecessaryIn personVirtual
Outpatient assessment of mechanical back pain Visit to primary care Physiotherapy Follow-up primary care
Pre-COVIDIn personIn personIn person
COVID/post-COVIDIn person/possibly virtualIn person/virtual mixVirtual
Routine annual follow-up after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) Stress test Bloodwork including lipid profile ECG Follow-up visit with cardiologist
Pre-COVIDIn personIn personIn personIn person
COVID/post-COVIDUnnecessaryIn personUnnecessaryVirtual