Table 2

FEAST approach to design theory for choice architecture*

Concept†DefinitionSentiment for designerSentiment for user
FunEmotionally gratifying to participants.‘I enjoy working on this project.’‘I really like this well-crafted offering.’
EasySimple action requiring little effort or thinking.‘The intended solution is elegant and sublime.’‘This is a “no-brainer” and straightforward for me.’
AttractiveInherently pleasant appearance.‘The intervention looks good with instant appeal.’‘The options are nice to see and appreciated.’
SocialInteractive commitment with other people.‘The experience engages real human contact.’‘I felt recognized and welcomed.’
TimelyEngaging at a convenient moment.‘The task focuses attention at the right instant.’‘The task was timely rather than distracting.’
  • *Adapted from the Behavioural Insights Team in the UK.

  • †Concept denotes theory rather than practice of choice architecture.