Table 2

Ethnographic data collected in six maternity units

Ethnographic research phasePhase 1Phase 2
AimProduce a comprehensive account of the mechanisms underlying the safety outcomes seen in the index maternity unit.Evaluate the extent to which the mechanisms underlying safety at the index site were also visible in a sample of maternity units exposed to PROMPT and to refine and develop a deeper understanding of these mechanisms.
SiteIndex maternity unit (site 1)Site 2Site 3Site 4Site 5Site 6
Observations143 hours40 hours64 hours52 hours34 hours68 hours
Interviews with staff members1246434
Data collection timelineDecember 2014, March 2015, July–August 2017September 2017September–October 2017October–November 2017January 2018May–June 2018
Total401 hours of ethnographic observations
33 semistructured interviews
  • PROMPT, PRactical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training.