Table 3

Sleep test triage orders, completed tests and eventual diagnostic outcomes after TSS or RCS triage in the propensity-matched subsample

TSS triage n=306RCS triage n=306
Sleep test order placed at triage*n (%)
 Potentially contraindicated HSAT order* (contraindicated diagnosis or prescriptions)11 (3.6)10 (3.3)
 Potentially inappropriate HSAT order (contraindicated diagnosis/prescription, OR lack of symptoms indicating high risk)23 (7.5)15 (4.9)
 Potentially appropriate HSAT order (symptoms indicating high risk AND no potential contraindication)174 (56.9)212 (69.3)
 PSG109 (35.6)79 (25.8)
Completed sleep test*
 Potentially contraindicated HSAT*8 (2.6)6 (2.0)
 Potentially inappropriate HSAT14 (4.6)10 (3.3)
 Potentially appropriate HSAT105 (34.3)146 (47.7)
 PSG50 (16.3)50 (16.3)
 No test137 (44.8)100 (32.7)
Diagnostic outcome
 Test with diagnosis165 (53.9)197 (64.4)
 Indeterminant sleep test4 (1.3)9 (2.9)
 No test137 (44.8)100 (32.7)
  • *Proportions do not add up to 100% as ‘potentially contraindicated’ is a subset of ‘potentially inappropriate’.

  • HSAT, home sleep apnoea testing; PSG, polysomnography; RCS, referral coordination system; TSS, traditional specialist-led system.