Table 3

Event counts in the matched data

Event typeCount% of total% of discharged
In-hospital death (A)*9290.040.00
Emergency transfer (B1)*1802160.070.09
Non-emergency transfer (B2)*11321060.470.04
Death within 28 days of transfer10110.000.00
Long-term stay† (C2)*53120.020.00
Discharge (C1)*239 530240 64499.4099.86
Death‡ (D)*871090.
Emergency readmission‡ (E)*12 04880735.003.355.033.34
of which within specialty633435692.631.482.641.48
Remainder‡ (F)*227 437232 50994.3896.4894.9596.62
Total operations§240 987240 987
  • *See figure 1 for label correspondence.

  • †Defined as >60 days in hospital.

  • ‡D–E are events occurring within 28 days of discharge while F is the number of discharged patients who do not meet D or E within 28 days.

  • §Note that since these event counts are for the data after propensity score matching, the total count is much lower than for the raw data in table 2.

  • ISHP, Independent Sector Healthcare Provider; NHS, National Health Service.