Table 4

Percentage of positive answers of the results of the patient safety survey during both periods

QuestionsPositive answer
Intervention (n=87)Control
P value
1. Do people support each other in this unit?64.4%78.0%0.045
2. When a lot of work has to be done quickly, do you work as a team to finish it?80.5%90.2%0.872
3. In this unit, are staff personnel treated with respect?60.9%68.3%0.342
4. When one area in this unit is really busy, do others help you?60.9%61.0%0.894
5. Is security never sacrificed even with a lot of work?51.7%56.1%0.602
6. Are our procedures and systems effective in preventing errors that may occur?49.4%47.6%0.795
7. Is it just by chance that more serious mistakes do not happen here?20.7%20.7%1.000
8. Do we have problems with patient safety in this unit?32.2%35.4%0.679
9. Do staff personnel speak freely if they see something that could negatively affect patient care?65.5%68.3%0.680
10. Do staff feel free to question the decisions or actions of those with the most authority?42.5%48.8%0.361
11. Are staff personnel afraid to ask questions when something does not seem right?6.9%11.0%0.362
12. Is patient information lost when patients are transferred from one unit to another?34.5%43.9%0.182
13. Is important patient care information often lost during shift changes?44.8%41.5%0.600
14. Do problems often arise in the exchange of information through units of this hospital?49.4%59.8%0.151
15. Are shift changes problematic for patients at this hospital?36.6%39.1%0.789
16. Please give your area/work unit a general degree in patient safety (very good or excellent rating).40.2%34.5%0.419