Table 2

Examples of tasks, tools and tasks X tools matrices based on a prior work system analysis of a community-based brain health care coordination programme37

(A) Tasks matrix
Who performsGoal(s) of taskFrequencyHow performedWhen performedNotes
Appointment schedulingCCA, SWArrange home visitsDailyStaff calls, records in calendarBefore home visitAssign to dedicated scheduler?
Health assessmentCCA, RNDeliver right careEvery 2 weeksCCA administers instrumentsAt home visitCan be done by CG?
Relationship buildingCCA, SW, RN, CGEstablish trustAs neededListening, humour, show interest, offer helpBefore, at or after home visitTakes most time, critical to success
(B) Tools matrix
UsersPurpose of useFrequency of useEase of accessUsabilityNotes
SmartphoneCCACommunication, navigationHighHighHighStaff like to use
Paper assessmentsCCA, RNCollect and monitor healthHighLowHighGet lost, damaged
Handheld scannerCCA, RN, SWDigitise paper assessmentsLowMediumLowStaff hate to use
(C) Tasks X tools matrix
SchedulingHealth assessmentRelationship building
Paper assessmentsYes
Handheld scannerYes
  • CCA, care coordination assistant; CG, informal caregiver; RN, registered nurse; SW, social worker.