Table 1

Visit characteristics associated with the complaint

Cohort 1Cohort 2
Clinical location of visits*
 Emergency department2238.6360.0
 Primary care/family medicine1628.1120.0
 Convenient care610.5
 Urgent care47.0
Clinician involved in care*
 Nurse practitioner/physician assistant1729.8120.0
Category of complaint
 Clinical care (provider)2769.2240.0
 Delay in care717.9120.0
 Delay in test results25.1240.0
 Attitude/behaviour of provider25.1--
 Discharged too soon12.6--
  • *Total does not equal 39 as some patients presented to more than one clinician and/or in more than one setting before being correctly diagnosed.

  • †Surgery, cardiology, radiology, pulmonology, dermatology.