Table 3

Description of themes and subthemes on performance experiences of higher-performing and lower-performing facilities

Preintervention contextFacility’s preintervention context.
Facility characteristicsPreintervention physical infrastructure as described by providers.
Team orientationPreintervention perceived team relationships.
Learning orientationPreintervention perceived organisational learning strategies, extent of experimentation and willingness to learn from others.
Engagement with SS2020 interventionEngagement and learning from the SS2020 intervention.
Leadership and SSC trainingPostintervention perceived learnings from the leadership training intervention, particularly in the implementation of the SSC.
Capacity building interventionsPostintervention perceived learnings from the capacity building interventions.
Sustainable learning interventionsPostintervention perceived learnings from the sustainable learning interventions.
Teamwork and communicationPostintervention team relationships, mutual support between team members and extent of open communication.
Provider buy-inPostintervention involvement and participation of providers in the SS2020 intervention.
Hierarchy and open communicationPostintervention extent of imbibed hierarchies including perceived comfort of junior team members in expressing opinions to seniors.
Collective responsibilityExtent of collective ownership of SS2020, including sharing of responsibilities with non-surgeon providers in surgical teams.
Collective learningPostintervention group learning, including the balance of individual learning aspirations against team learning goals, translation of knowledge to colleagues, use of data as a learning tool, extent of learning together as teams and evaluation.
Knowledge translationPostintervention sharing of knowledge by SS2020 training attendees with colleagues who did not attend trainings and new recruits.
Data and monitoringPostintervention perceived need for and nature of use of data for learning, monitoring and decision-making.
Team learningPostintervention extent of mutual support and collaboration in intervention tasks to achieve common goals.
Role of leadershipPostintervention leadership engagement with SS2020 and staff expectations about leadership support for intervention functions.
Expectations from leadershipPostintervention staff expectations about leader’s involvement.
Leadership engagementPostintervention leader’s engagement with SS2020.
Perceived impact and beyond SS2020Postintervention perceived impact of SS2020 and suggestions for improvement.
  • SS2020, Safe Surgery 2020; SSC, Surgical Safety Checklist.