Table 1

Characteristics of SPARC intervention and control hospitals

SPARC hospitals
Control hospitals
P value*
Hospital type
 General, acute care1210035971.000
Medical school affiliated
SPARC start time
 2018 Quarter 218
 2018 Quarter 4759
 2019 Quarter 1325
 2019 Quarter 318
MedianIQRMedianIQRP value*
Number of beds274(232–339)146(88–259)0.015
Number of intensive care unit beds25(21–64)14(8–42)0.054
Number of infection control practitioners per 100 beds1.1(0.7–1.2)1.0(0.8–1.6)0.505
Hours for HAI surveillance per 100 beds per week12(8–16)20(16–32)0.005
Hours for other infection control activities per 100 beds per week14(4–34)24(13–34)0.239
Hours for IC activities per 100 beds
(sum of the hours for both surveillance and other IC activities)
  • *From Fisher’s exact tests or Wilcoxon rank-sum tests.

  • HAI, hospital-acquired infection; IC, infection control; SPARC, Statewide Prevention and Reduction of C. difficile.;