Table 2

Capability framework for successful partnerships in healthcare quality improvement

DomainCapability and description
Personal Attributes Dedicated to improving healthcare
  1. Motivated to improve patient care and outcomes

  2. Demonstrates ongoing commitment including sustained participation

Self-aware and reflective
  1. Engages in reflective and reflexive practices that contribute to change for everyone rather than personal interests

  2. In tune with how one’s presence, emotional reactions and behaviours influence others

Confident and flexible
  1. Confident to actively engage in constructive dialogue in a group setting including patients, public, healthcare staff and leaders

  2. Flexibly works in unfamiliar and evolving situations

Relationships and Communication Working and learning as a team
  1. Works as an effective and active member of a team

  2. Recognises the unique and valuable contributions of each team member

  3. Embraces co-learning

Collaborating and communicating
  1. Works collaboratively to build consensus

  2. Demonstrates strong conflict resolution and negotiation skills

  3. Builds respectful, constructive and reciprocal relationships

Advocating for everyone
  1. Influences change to improve patient and public involvement (PPI)

  2. Promotes the needs of marginalised populations

  3. Shares successes, networks and links diverse stakeholders

Philosophies, Models and Practices Organisational systems and policies
  1. Works within organisational priorities, governance, policies, resources and constraints

  2. Develops sustainable solutions that fit the context

  3. Demonstrates awareness of relevant clinical processes and has sufficient health literacy

Patient and public involvement (PPI) best practice
  1. Committed to the inherent value of PPI

  2. Implements a variety of PPI principles and practices

  3. Effectively conveys own experiences to influence and persuade

  4. Facilitates teaching and learning including mentoring/coaching

  5. Provides ongoing support and feedback to patient partners

Quality improvement (QI) principles and processes
  1. Implements appropriate QI processes across service planning, design, delivery and evaluation

Across all Domains Sharing power and leadership
  1. Contributes to transforming traditional power dynamics

  2. Actively encourages shared decision-making

  3. Supports patient-led leadership models