Table 2

Association of patient-reported experience domains with satisfaction and facility recommendation (n=13 434)

Satisfaction with service
(satisfied, neutral, dissatisfied)
Facility recommendation
NPS (promoters, passive, detractors)
Patient-reported experience (standardised score)
 Dignity1.771.60 to 1.951.050.96 to 1.16
 Privacy0.970.92 to to 1.16
 Communication2.732.47 to to 2.23
 Short wait time1.211.15 to to 1.11
 Ease of use1.271.15 to 1.413.843.46 to 4.25
 Provider competence1.040.95 to 1.140.940.86 to 1.03
 Timely action1.111.05 to to 1.24
  • Bold denotes p<0.05. Associations adjusted for the contextual, facility and individual characteristics shown in table 1.

  • AOR, adjusted OR; NPS, net promoter score.