Table 2

Survey free text responses were categorised by themes

QuestionThemesExample quotes
Are you aware of any patient complaints regarding PROMs/PRD?Tablet IT issues‘Patients feel that the iPAD is buggy and hard to use’
‘iPad is too slow/freezes’
Survey length too long‘[survey] takes too long, [patients] don’t like to have to repeat at every visit’
‘It’s like you're asking [the patient] to apply for a bank loan!’
Poorly phrased questions‘all black and white answers and patients can't explain or qualify answers’
‘Yes/No binary answer doesn't give them enough subtly to express concerns’
Are there any other data you wish were collected?More detailed patient history‘[include] detailed smoking history, sexual activity, menstrual history, family history’
‘Family history should be outsourced to the patients’
‘[include] Sleep Exercise/activity habits Commuting time Caffeine intake’
What would you change about this data presentation?Highlight important findings‘Important things [should be] in bold or color’
‘Red flag serious results’
‘Highlight positive answers’
Improve text formatting‘Its hard to read—very small, and it is hard to follow the line across from question to answer’
‘Far too dense, clustered, poorly formatted’
Any other questions, comments, or suggestions?Obstructs clinic flow‘[patients] don't arrive more than a few minutes early to their appointments, so [PROMs] actually can harm [clinic] flow’’
Lack of resources to intervene‘We are screening for things for which we have nothing to offer. We don't have resources to help with education, housing, safety and so on’
‘We need to really think about data we can do something with!’
Need for other languages‘Need to have this in other languages - this is discriminatory to our immigrant/ESL patients’
‘We need Arabic, Portuguese, Vietnamese, French Creole etc. to match the population we see’