Table 1

Characteristics of the 7373 international medical graduate physicians who billed Medicare for an evaluation visit in an ambulatory setting for patients with common chronic pain problems

Physician gender Internal medicine236432.1
 Female286739.0 Medical specialty95112.9
 Male450661.0 Surgery specialty3264.4
Citizenship Hospital-based specialty6448.7
 Asia94812.9 Emergency medicine4646.3
 Europe84011.4Region of practice
 India and Pakistan223330.3 Northeast172723.4
 Middle East6108.3  Midwest151120.5
 Other103614.0 South264135.8
 USA and Canada170623.1 West149420.3
Medical school locationClinical Skills Assessment proficiency Mean SD
 Asia75510.2 Passed assessment on first attempt633085.85
 Europe97813.3Physician age43.55.5
 India and Pakistan201827.4 Mean SD (range)
 Middle East5066.9 Clinical competence score64.65.4 (37–85)
 Central America/Caribbean/Mexico/South America266736.0 History and physical examination68.16.8 (35–89)
 Other4496.1 Diagnosis and management59.59.5 (22–95)
Physician specialty Communication78.18.1 (40–98)
 Primary care262435.6 English proficiency85.414.5 (29.5–100)
 Interpersonal skills76.57.8 (44–100)