Table 2

Rates of SMM overall and from haemorrhage

SMM rate measurementPre-intervention
Rate reductionP value
Total SMM rate4.76%4.13%13.4%0.08
SMM rate excluding transfusion codes1.71%1.75%−2.3%0.87
Transfusion code SMM rate3.97%3.22%18.8%0.02
SMM rate from haemorrhage34.10%26.67%21.8%<0.01
SMM rate from haemorrhage excluding transfusion codes9.51%9.06%4.7%0.39
Rate of transfusion code from haemorrhage31.80%23.54%26.0%<0.01
Transfusion of ≥4 units PRBCs rate0.66%0.65%1.7%0.99
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  • PRBCs, packed red blood cells; SMM, severe maternal morbidity.