Table 2

Type, severity and system response for 187 adverse events related to care received in the paediatric emergency department (ED)

n (%)
Adverse events related to care provided by:
 ED-specific services167 (89.3)
 Subspecialist services12 (6.4)
 Both ED and subspecialist services8 (4.3)
Type of adverse events*
 Management issues98 (52.4)
 Diagnostic issues36 (19.3)
 Medication adverse events30 (16.0)
 Suboptimal follow-up25 (13.4)
 Procedural complications23 (12.3)
 Unsafe disposition decision8 (4.3)
Severity of adverse events
 ≤1 day of symptoms77 (41.2)
 >1 day of symptoms102 (54.5)
 Abnormality on laboratory testing3 (1.6)
 Non-permanent disability5 (2.7)
 Permanent disability0 (0.0)
 Death0 (0.0)
System response required for adverse events*
 No treatment (symptoms only)33 (17.6)
 Visit to laboratory2 (1.1)
 Visit to physician’s office48 (25.7)
 Visit to ED79 (42.2)
 Admission to hospital24 (12.8)
 Required medical intervention91 (48.7)
 Required surgical intervention7 (3.7)
 Transfer to critical care3 (1.6)
 Death0 (0.0)
  • *Because adverse events may be of more than one type or require more than one system response, total may exceed 100%.