Table 1

Data derived from post-experiment questionnaire

Baseline characteristics
 Male8 (26.7%)
 Female22 (73.3%)
Age (years)36 (28–45)
Total professional experience (years)17.5 (6–23)
Professional experience on ICU (years)6 (3–17)
Experience with TML
Familiar with TML
 No19 (63.3%)
 Yes11 (36.7%)
TML was helpful
 No18 (60%)
 Yes12 (40%)
Potential to make errors with TML*7 (5–8)
Experiment was realistic*9 (8–10)
Drugs were realistic*9.5 (7–10)
Experiment was difficult*2.5 (2–4)
Disturbed by glasses*1.5 (1–4)
  • Data expressed as numbers (percentages) or median (IQR), where appropriate.

  • Table created by the authors and approved by all authors.

  • *Marks a subjective/self-assessed characteristic on a scale ranging from 1 to 10 (1=totally disagree, 10=totally agree). The potential to make errors with TML refers to subjective perception of participants to make errors even with TML.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; TML, tall man lettering.