Table 1

Our aims relating to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

Publishing research on equity in the quality and safety of healthcare
  • Continue to publish high quality research papers on EDI in relation to the quality and safety of healthcare

  • Encourage quality improvement publications that address equity as a domain of healthcare quality

  • Explore partnerships with underrepresented groups to co-create methods to increase their voice in scientific publications

Improving our editorial practices
  • Support scientific writing workshops for potential authors from underrepresented groups

  • Explore mentorship opportunities for authors likely to be disadvantaged by systemic biases

  • Continue to work towards gender parity in selection of reviewers, editorialists and editors

  • Recruit suitable editors from a wider range of backgrounds in future recruitment rounds

  • Continue to raise awareness of the issues around EDI for our editors, including recognising our own biases and how to respond to them

  • Continue the work of our EDI editorial working group, and recruit additional editors with expertise in this area

Using data to identify inequities in our processes and monitor progress
  • Measure and report on gender, ethnicity and country for our authors (both submitting and published), reviewers, editorialists and editors

  • Take other actions as needed to support diversity and inclusion, and monitor progress over time