Table 2

Across trial results: barriers and facilitators to implementation across the six HTA trials by CFIR domains and constructs

Implementation did occurImplementation did not occur
CFIR domains and constructsBarrierFacilitatorBarrierFacilitatorBarrierFacilitatorBarrierFacilitatorBarrierFacilitatorBarrierFacilitator
1. Innovation characteristics
1.A. Innovation source
1.B. Evidence strengthXXXXX
1.C. Relative advantageXXXXX
1.D. Adaptability
1.E. Trialability
1.F. ComplexityXXXXX
1.G. Design quality and packaging
1.H. CostXXXX
2. Outer setting
2.A. Needs and resources of those servedXXXXX
2.B. Cosmopolitanism
2.C. Peer pressureXX
2.D. External policies and incentivesXXXXX
3. Inner setting
3.A. Structural characteristicsXX
3.B. Networks and communicationsXXX
3.C. CultureXXXX
3.D. Implementation climateX
3.D1. Tension for changeX
3.D2. CompatibilityXXX
3.D3. Relative priorityX
3.D4. Organisational incentives and rewardsX
3.D5. Goals and feedback
3.D6. Learning climate
3.E. Readiness of implementation
3.E1. Leadership engagement
3.E2. Available resourcesXXXXX
3.E3. Access to knowledge and informationXX
4.Characteristics of individual
4.A. Knowledge and beliefsXXXXX
4.B. Self-efficacyXXXX
4.C. Individual stage of changeX
4.D. Individual identification with organisation
4.E. Other personal attributes
5. Process
5.A. Planning
5.B. EngagingX
5.B1. Opinion leadersXX
5.B2. Appointed internal implementation leaders
5.B3. Championsx
5.B4. External change agentsXX
5.B5. Key stakeholders
5.B6. Innovation participantsXXXXX
5.C. Executing
5.D. Reflecting and evaluating