Table 1

Patient-centred outcomes within domain of information or knowledge yielded by imaging tests

Finding cause of symptoms
  • Finding out what is causing symptoms

  • With a known diagnosis, information that leads to finding out how serious it is

  • The desire for a definitive diagnosis, to reduce uncertainty

Reducing the probability of a condition that patient worried about
  • Excluding a serious condition based on the test results

Value of just knowing or finding out more, whatever the outcome
  • The desire to know, to find answers or just to find out/see something in their own body

Decision-making around the information given by the test, leading to action
  • Test results facilitating access to higher level of care or proceed with a particular treatment course

False information from test results
  • Initial positive results leading to need for further tests (or a sequence of tests) to further confirm/rule out a condition (false positives)

  • False reassurance from test results (false negatives)

Incidental and indeterminate findings
  • Indeterminate or inconclusive results leading to further downstream testing (‘testing cascade’) in attempts to arrive at a definitive diagnosis

  • Unexpected findings that may or may not have clinical significance, but can lead to additional testing

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