Table 3

Patient-centred outcomes within domain of emotional outcomes from imaging tests

Reassurance, relief
  • Relief or reassurance after finding symptoms not caused by serious condition

Anxiety, worry
  • Fear or anxiety waiting for testing to be performed and in anticipation of results

  • Stress and anxiety while waiting to get test result

  • Distress and other negative emotional impacts when test shows a serious condition, including false positive results

Claustrophobia, embarrassment
  • Claustrophobia, distress from imaging testing process (eg, narrowness of scanner, noise)

  • Embarrassment or loss of modesty from exposing private body parts

Lack of control
  • Perceived lack of control over the test ordering, its conduct and the next steps the results lead to

  • Feeling abandoned, isolated or helpless during the imaging test itself

Decisional regret, mismatch with expectations
  • Frustration or regret about uncertain test results leading to further testing

  • Disappointment in test results that do not provide the information or findings expected, or that leave residual uncertainty

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