Table 1

Variation in identifiers used across the case study sites

Symbol used
Butterfly for confirmed dementia diagnosis, outlined butterfly for suspected dementia/deliriumSite 1 (red)
Site 3 (blue—part of national scheme)17
Forget-me not flower for confirmed dementia diagnosisSite 2
Site 4
Sunflower for ‘Hidden disabilities’Site 3
Chrysanthemum for deliriumSite 4
Location of identifier
WristbandSite 1 (identifier on admissions wristband)
Site 4 (additional coloured wristband for dementia/delirium)
Symbol on bedside board/poster by the bedSite 1 (tick next to symbol at bedside)
Site 2 (flower drawn in pen)
Site 3 (laminated butterfly poster)
Site 4 (tick next to symbol at bedside)
Sticker in notesSite 2
Site 3
Magnet next to patient name on whiteboardSite 2
Identifier (flag or alert) on hospital electronic records systemSite 1
Site 2
Site 4
Consent to apply identifier
Express consent neededSite 3
Site 4
Opt-out/no consent neededSite 1
Site 2
Personalised patient documents
Booklet—‘This is me’, ‘Reach out to me’
Patient profile
Site 2
Site 3
Site 4
Site 1
Poster at bedside—‘What’s important to me’Site 4