Table 1

Individual site and overall results for hydroxyurea (HU) prescription (Rx) rates in the EMBRACE collaborative

QI siteTotal number of eligible patients at entryEntry HU Rx
N/total eligible at entry(%)
Exit data HU Rx
N/total eligible at exit (%)
% increase
Site 112578/125 (62.4)113/133 (85.0)36.2
Site 220869/208 (33.2)91/191 (47.6)43.4
Site 3191116/191 (60.7)139/205 (67.8)11.7
All sites524263/524 (50.2)343/529 (64.8)29.1
  • Per cent increase was calculated according to the formula C=X2−X1/X1 where X2 is exit HU Rx% and X1 is entry HU Rx%.

  • The exit date for HU Rx rate data extraction was 30 June 2021.

  • N, number; QI, quality improvement.