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Effects of tall man lettering on the visual behaviour of critical care nurses while identifying syringe drug labels: a randomised in situ simulation
Quentin Lohmeyer, Cornel Schiess, Pedro David Wendel Garcia, Heidi Petry, Eric Strauch, Andreas Dietsche, Reto A. Schuepbach, Philipp K. Buehler, Daniel A. Hofmaenner

22 December 2022

How safe are paediatric emergency departments? A national prospective cohort study
Amy C Plint, Amanda S Newton, Antonia Stang, Zach Cantor, Lamia Hayawi, Nick Barrowman, Kathy Boutis, Serge Gouin, Quynh Doan, Andrew Dixon, Robert Porter, Gary Joubert, Scott Sawyer, Tyrus Crawford, Jocelyn GravelSee the full list of authors

19 October 2022

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