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Using a dark logic model to explore adverse effects in audit and feedback: a qualitative study of gaming in colonoscopy
Jamie Catlow, Rashmi Bhardwaj-Gosling, Linda Sharp, Matthew David Rutter, Falko F Sniehotta

19 September 2022

Patterns, appropriateness and outcomes of peripherally inserted central catheter use in Brazil: a multicentre study of 12 725 catheters
Eneida Rejane Rabelo-Silva, Solange Antonia Lourenço, Rubia Natasha Maestri, Claudia Candido da Luz, Vanderlei Carlos Pupin, Raquel Bauer Cechinel, Eduarda Bordini Ferro, Marco Aurélio Lumertz Saffi, Telma Christina do Campo Silva, Larissa Martins de Andrade, Larissa Fernanda Sales Gomes, Lorena Alves da Gama, Mariana Marques de Araújo, Fábio Rodrigues Ferreira do Espírito Santo, Leticia López PedrazaSee the full list of authors

18 August 2022

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